There are millions of children around the world who are getting stuck into playing FIFA 15 after receiving it is a gift for Christmas - but none of them will ever score a goal quite as good as this. FIFA 15 Coins as well as holiday greetings.

That's because just before Christmas, one user uploaded a video of a goal he'd scored that is so good, everyone else may as well stop trying.

"Corey Pellatt" somehow manages to pull off a Rabona free-kick to the edge of the area, which bounces in front of a waiting team-mate. Rather than aim a conventional shot on target, he unleashes a sort of scorpion kick lob which sails over the goalkeeper's head. Simple really.

Regular visitors to GiveMeSport may remember one FIFA 15 user uploading a video of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a simply stunning Rabona free-kick that sailed into the back of the net - but this has got to be better right?

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